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At that point? Petanque tool

Developer: Applibag
1.53 usd

This application is a necessary tool for all bowlers.In the alley, like a game or sport-Provençal balls (ball Lyon, Lyon or The Long Thurs), it is often difficult to accurately determine who won the point. To find out, using a piece of string or a measuring tape to measure the distance between the jack and balls. Therefore stoop and take the risk of moving the balls slightly.This application solves these problems need this fall and no contact with the ball is necessary.Explanation:To find out which is the point, you have two options:
1-The quick method: Aim the jack with the cross in the center of the screen, then adjust the height of your mobile so as to coincide with the circles closest to the ball.
2-The precise method: Take a picture of the jack with the balls litigation and adjust the red circle to determine which ball and closer. Easy! For difficult cases, it is also possible to zoom in the image. A backup button can also save the photo in your gallery.
- Measure the distance from the jack -
Sometimes it can be difficult to assess the distance between the players and the jack. Indeed, bocce, the game must take place between 6 and 10 meters, while throwing the jack. Subsequently, during the jack leads should never be less than 3 meters or more than 20 meters. The game Provençal, the distance should be between 15 and 20 meters.This application is also equipped with a measuring system that tells you, without moving, the distance between you and the jack.
Explanation: For the distance, aim the jack with your mobile. The distance is displayed directly! Ultra Simple!
- Management of score-
"At that point" can also manage the scores of games you play. So you can record over the part of the points made, and store them.
You will find all the detailed help on the webpage:
This application is also compatible for shuffleboard "Palet Vendée" "Palet Breton," "Palet Spanish" (The tanguilla) or "Puck English."
Good game ..